Scripps Health: Value by Design

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A Blueprint for Slashing Waste, Lowering Costs & Improving Quality

Scripps Health leadership team demonstrates how to transform your organization for value-based healthcare—from leadership structures to operational and clinical processes.

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HealthLeaders Media LIVE From Scripps Health: Value by Design

A Blueprint for Slashing Waste, Lowering Costs & Improving Quality

Presented on January 28, 2015

On-demand versions of your HLM Live eConference can be accessed immediately within your HealthLeaders Media store account.

Look behind what passes for value-based healthcare these days and you will see there isn’t much design to it. Many so-called value-based systems are really chopped-up versions of existing systems that have been subjected to the wringer of cost cutting. That approach may reap short-term rewards, but it’s not sustainable. To truly create value requires a merciless, brutally self-critical view of the system, its leadership, and its ability to sustain itself. No one understands that better than Scripps Health. Four years into its redesign, Scripps Health has cut $320 million in waste from the system, largely by making targeted investments and empowering the front lines with performance improvement staff to put metrics on the problem.


About our host:

Scripps Health is a $2.3 billion, nonprofit 501(c)(3) healthcare system in San Diego. Scripps treats nearly 500,000 patients annually through the dedication of more than 2,600 affiliated physicians and nearly 13,000 employees across five hospital campuses, as well as an ambulatory care network of clinics, physicians’ offices, outpatient centers, and home healthcare services. The Scripps legacy of providing healthcare services in San Diego originated in 1924, when philanthropist Ellen Browning Scripps founded Scripps Memorial Hospital and Scripps Metabolic Clinic in La Jolla, California. 

HealthLeaders Media LIVE From Scripps Health: Value by Design

HealthLeaders Media LIVE
A Blueprint for Slashing Waste, Lowering Costs & Improving Quality
Presented on January 28, 2015

Agenda - Learning Objectives

Lesson 1: Restructure the Leadership Team to Increase Accountability and Reduce Variation

Lesson 2: Empower the Healthcare Team to Experiment and Drive Value By Design

Lesson 3: Drive for Population Health Through Primary Care Redesign

Don't miss HealthLeaders Media LIVE From Scripps Health:  Value by Design for solutions and lessons learned. Participants will:

  • Find out how a matrix management structure can increase site-based accountability and help to standardize processes across your healthcare system
  • See how bottom-up quality improvement can occur when frontline staff are supported by Lean process experts
  • Get real cost-saving examples in clinical practice; including medication reconciliation, ED throughput, and physician preference
  • Learn how to achieve primary care redesign by building a true primary care team


Who Should Attend

Healthcare leaders, CEOs, CFOs, COOs, CIOs, CMOs, CNOs, directors of quality, case management, business development executives, service line directors, directors of public relations/marketing, healthcare consultants

Your Faculty


James Bruffey, MD

Orthopedic Surgeon

Dr. James Bruffey participated in a Value by Design supply chain cost-saving exercise that looked at spine surgical implants and biologics being used at the five Scripps hospital campuses. Spine surgeons and administrators came together to create a formulary system for devices and materials while taking into consideration the volume and variety of surgeries being performed. Vendors must now meet the price defined for a specific formulary category to participate, which allows spine surgeons to maintain preference and choice while generating savings for Scripps Health by eliminating cost variance and positioning the organization to save more in the future through further consolidation of categories.

Rose Colangelo, RN, BSN

Emergency Department Patient Care Manager

A Scripps Health registered nurse since 2007, Rose Colangelo has been recognized for her leadership in helping to elevate patient and staff satisfaction scores, reduce expenses in the supply arena, and maintain a “door-to-doc” time that is the lowest among the emergency rooms in the system. Colangelo currently oversees the Scripps La Jolla Emergency Department Throughput Rapid Improvement Event, and is working with the Value by Design team on implementing strategies and practices for daily improvement in the emergency department.


Jeremy Delashmit, RN

Emergency Department Nurse

A Scripps Health registered nurse since 2007, Jeremy Delashmit was a team leader in this successful Value by Design Rapid Improvement Event, which resulted in a significant reduction in the time emergency room nurses spend on medication reconciliation without sacrificing quality and patient safety. The exercise also had the effect of saving time for floor nurses.


Mary Ellen Doyle, RN, MBA

Corporate Vice President for Nursing Operations

A member of the Scripps corporate medical management division, Mary Ellen Doyle has more than 15 years of nursing executive experience. During the past four years, she has led efforts to standardize and integrate outcomes-driven nursing care throughout Scripps Health. Currently, she serves as executive sponsor for acute care Value by Design transformation.


Siu Ming Geary, MD

Vice President of Ambulatory Care, Scripps Clinic

Dr. Siu Ming Geary, whose background is in internal medicine, has been a leader in the management of population health through primary care redesign and the development of a team around the primary care provider that aims to eliminate inefficiencies and increase the quality of patient care. Dr. Geary is the medical director for the Primary Care Redesign initiative at Scripps Health, and is participating in one of the two initial pilot care teams. 


Anil Keswani, MD

Corporate Vice President of Ambulatory Care and Population Health Management

Dr. Anil Keswani has 18 years of experience in medical management and more than a decade of senior executive healthcare experience. His focus includes Lean management, primary care redesign, innovative access points (retail health and telehealth), care navigation, physician alignment strategies, and population health IT and analytics. Dr. Keswani works closely with primary care, skilled nursing professionals, and other specialties to further develop outpatient capabilities and seamless patient transitions.


James LaBelle, MD

Corporate Senior Vice President, Chief Medical Officer

Dr. James LaBelle is responsible for the overall executive leadership of the organization’s Value by Design program and plays a critical role in maintaining and expanding the partnerships Scripps Health has built with physicians during the last decade. Under Dr. LaBelle’s direction, Scripps Health continues to engage physicians in the coordination and management of clinical care, as well as in linking Scripps hospitals more closely with the organization’s growing ambulatory care network. Dr. LaBelle, whose background is in emergency medicine, previously served as corporate vice president for quality, medical management, and physician comanagement at Scripps Health.

Barbara Price, MBA

Corporate Senior Vice President for Business and Service Line Development, Project Management

Barbara Price oversees horizontal clinical operations, including clinical support, clinical ancillaries, and clinical service lines. She has been a key leader in horizontal management since 2010 when Scripps Health changed its organizational structure to eliminate waste, help reduce costs, improve care, and preserve jobs. Price is also responsible for the internal consulting capability within Scripps Health’s Project Management Office and executive leadership for the organization’s Value by Design program, including strategic deployment of Lean-based methodology and management systems to continue performance improvement and increase the value of care for patients.

Michelle Tressler, PhD

Assistant Vice President for Project Management

With more than 20 years of experience in healthcare delivery, health plan strategic development, and operations and management consulting, Michelle Tressler oversees system decision support, strategic project management, and the internal Value by Design team. She has overseen the organization’s continuous improvement model and training for the past five years. For the past 18 months, she has been leading the internal team’s efforts to create a cultural transformation in a very high-performing, horizontal system organization.


Chris Van Gorder, FACHE

President and CEO

Chris Van Gorder is widely recognized for leading Scripps Health’s financial turnaround and positioning it as a national leader for value-based, patient-centered care. In 2010, in anticipation of healthcare reform, he implemented an innovative management restructuring model across the system that is credited with cutting costs, improving patient care, and preserving jobs. Scripps Health has trimmed more than $200 million in annual costs since integrating horizontal management into the organizational structure without resorting to layoffs or compromising quality. Under Van Gorder’s leadership, Scripps Health has taken the next major step toward continuous improvement by introducing Value by Design, a frontline, team approach to identify and eliminate waste and bring more value to patients.