Integrate HIEs into Physician and Staff Workflows for Better Outcomes - On-Demand

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Presented on: Monday, June 17 2013
Presented by: Linda A. Reed, RN, MBA, FCHIME and David L. Miller, MHSA, FHIMSS, CHCIO

Learn how to successfully integrate HIE into existing organizational workflows using real-world examples and presenting best practices.

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Integrate HIEs into Physician and Staff Workflows for Better Outcomes

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Health information exchange technology (HIE) and HIE business relationships play a pivotal role in healthcare providers sharing information in order to improve care and lower cost. Early HIE business models based on stimulus funds are giving way to sustainable subscription-based or joint operating agreement models with providers playing increasingly important roles. HIEs must effectively locate patient records, allow colleagues to exchange messages across organizations, and look to providing additional services, such as exchanging lab test results.

Order Integrate HIEs into Physician and Staff Workflows for Better Outcomes and see how to successfully integrate HIE into existing organizational workflows using real-world examples and presenting best practices.

Learning Objectives

  • “Build vs. buy” approaches to HIE
  • Privacy and security considerations of HIE
  • HIE cost-sharing models
  • Engaging physicians to promote HIE adoption
  • Leveraging HIE in ACO initiatives


  • Creating and governing a Health Information Organization
    • Where to start with data exchange
    • Various methods of exchanging data
    • Atlantic Health Systems case study
      • Relay Health starting in 2006-2007
      • Started with 13 organizations
  •  Challenges
    • Where to start with data exchange
    • The difficulties exchanging data
    • Integrating HIE into existing physician and staff workflow
    • Privacy and security
      • Some information is held back: behavioral health, HIV
      • “Break-the-glass” techniques for requiring more elevated authentication and authorization to release held-back information to caregivers
      • Operationalizing opt in/opt out
  •  Lessons learned
    • Metrics from early adopters
    • Blue Button
    • HIE to HIE technology
    • Cost
    • Results
    • Supporting the Direct Project Exchange protocol
    • Financial and Quality benefits to data exchange
  •  Analytics
    • What is a secondary use?
    • What do your members get?
    • What will the analytics be, and for whom are they intended?”

Who is attending

CIOs, VPs of IT, physician leaders, COOs

Meet the speakers

Linda A. Reed,
RN, MBA, FCHIME, is Vice President of Behavioral and Integrative Medicine and Chief Information Officer of Atlantic Health System. Atlantic Health includes Morristown Medical Center Overlook Medical Center in Summit, NJ and Newton Medical Center in Sussex, NJ. In her roles at Atlantic Health System, Ms. Reed provides leadership in the areas of Information Systems and telecommunications, integrative and holistic medicine and behavioral health service line.  Additionally, at this time, Ms. Reed serves as the President of Jersey Health Connect, one of New Jersey’s grant funded health information exchange organizations.

David L. Miller, MHSA, FHIMSS, CHCIO, a nationally recognized health care information technology leader with more than 33 years experience in the industry, serves as vice chancellor for information technology and chief information officer for the University of Arkansas for Medical Sciences (UAMS). UAMS is the state’s only academic health sciences center, encompassing patient care, education, research and outreach resources at locations across the state.

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