Orthopedics Service Line Success: Physician Engagement, Efficiency, and Quality - On-Demand

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Presented on: Wednesday, October 16, 2013
Presented by: Marshall Steele, MD and James D. Holstine, DO

Leaders in orthopedics share evidence-based solutions for optimizing physician alignment, efficiency, quality, and cost through the service line.

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Orthopedics Service Line Success: Physician Engagement, Efficiency, and Quality

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Orthopedics is among the fastest-growing and most profitable service lines. It’s also one of the most competitive, making it critical for healthcare facilities to optimize services and the patient experience. This webcast offers evidence-based strategies for improving orthopedic efficiency, quality, and performance; while increasing collaboration, cost savings, and market share within the service line.

Order Orthopedics Service Line Success: Physician Engagement, Efficiency, and Quality to hear orthopedic leaders from PeaceHealth St. Joseph Medical Center and Stryker share best practices and lessons learned.

At the conclusion of this program, participants will be able to:

  • Identify and address the six primary influencers of Orthopedic service line success
  • Implement physician leadership models that address value-based incentives and enhance workplace culture
  • Improve the orthopedic structure for better collaboration, performance, data evaluation, and efficiency
  • Identify and evaluate key alignment tools


  • Keys to a Successful Orthopedic Service Line
    • Aligning physicians
    • Regulatory issues
    • Cost containment
    • Patient care efficiencies
    • Dedicated resources
    • Overcoming silos
  • Aligning Physicians 
    • Obtaining long-term commitments from physicians and administrators
    • Implementing physician leadership models
    • Physicians competing for business
    • Changing delivery model to value
    • Improved teamwork/culture changes
  • Improving Orthopedic Structure
    • Create triad leadership:
      • Physicians
      • Clinical care coordinators
      • Administration
    • Create performance improvement team
    • Improve data evaluation
    • Eliminate waste in procedures
  • Evaluation of Alignment Tools
    • Comanagement
    • Bundled payments
    • Accountable care organizations
    • Employment
    • Hospital joint ventures

Who Should Attend?

CEOs, COOs, CFOs, CMOs, orthopedic service line directors, group practice administrators, consultants, physicians, medical group directors

Meet the Speakers:

Marshall Steele, MD, Orthopedic Surgery Medical Director, Stryker Performance Solutions

Marshall is a board certified orthopedic surgeon and founder of a 22 physician subspecialty Orthopedic and Sports Medicine Center in Annapolis Maryland. For 15 years he was also Medical Director of surgical business development and the operating room at Anne Arundel Medical Center. In 2005, Dr. Steele founded Marshall Steele & Associates with the mission to implement Destination Centers of Superior Performance and provide tools for data collection and benchmarking clinical, operational and financial performance. His team has implemented over 180 of these centers nationwide.

James D. Holstine, DO, Orthopedic Surgeon, PeaceHealth St. Joseph Medical Center