Recruiting and Retaining the Right Physicians for the Post-Reform Era - On-Demand

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Presented on: March 22, 2013
Presented by: Jim Stone and Floyd Wilson Jr.

Leaders from The Medicus Firm physician search consulting and Metro Health System share benchmark data and best practices to create the right fit for your organization when it comes to physician recruiting.

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Recruiting and Retaining the Right Physicians for the Post-Reform Era

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Leaders from The Medicus Firm and Metro Health System provide tips and insights for health leaders seeking to recruit and retain physicians for greater ROI and patient outcomes, and overcome dead-end personnel choices.

At the conclusion of this webcast, you will learn how to to:

  • Plan and implement a proactive recruiting strategy in a post-reform era
  • Plan and execute an effective interview process to reduce post-interview turn-downs and wasted time and money
  • Set up a physician search to increase candidate interest, interview rates, and acceptance rates
  • Devise a competitive physician compensation/recruitment package
  • Recruit for physicians who will be most successful in a post-reform environment (quality-focused, evidence-based, team-oriented, prevention-focused, comfortable with EMRs and other technology, and effectively able to work with mid-level providers)

Program Agenda:

  • Impact of healthcare reform
    • Alignment
    • Accountable care organizations
  • Difficult searches
    • Specialties
    • Overcoming roadblocks—age or training
    • Demographics
  • Recruiting strategies
    • Traits to screen for
    • Win over the prized physician
    • Key tools: Social media/electronic medical records
  • Retention strategies
    • Keep docs satisfied and engaged
    • Enlist them for leadership
    • Team focus
  • Case study: Metro Health
    • Outpatient centers
    • Employed and independent physicians
    • Joint ventures


Jim Stone, president and cofounder of The Medicus Firm and president-elect of the National Association of Physician Recruiters (NAPR)

Floyd Wilson Jr., executive VP of marketing, physician relations, and community outreach at Metro Health System


In-house/hospital recruiters, CFOs, COOs, group practice administrators, CMOs