Resolve Practitioner Turf Conflicts

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Resolve practitioner turf battles and ensure quality patient care.

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Resolve Practitioner Turf Conflicts: Medical Staff, AHP, and Offsite Disputes

Jack Cox, MD, MMM; Rosemary Dragon, CPMSM, CPCS; Christine Hearst, CPMSM    

Resolve practitioner turf battles and ensure quality patient care

Resolve turf battles with guidance from conflict resolution experts Jack Cox, MD, MMM, Rosemary Dragon, CPMSM, CPCS, and Christine Hearst, CPMSM. This guide incorporates the perspectives and advice of both the physician and the MSP, providing MSPs with the guidance they need to deal with turf battles among practitioners, including the role the MSP needs to play in conflict resolution and physician leader education.

Resolve Practitioner Turf Conflicts: Medical Staff, AHP, and Off-Site Disputes provides solutions for long-standing turf battles, such as privileging, as well as new issues including allied health professionals, ambulatory surgery centers, employment, and locum tenens.

Resolve Practitioner Turf Conflicts: Medical Staff, AHP, and Off-Site Disputes helps physicians and MSPs develop skills and identify resources for preventing and dealing with disputes. This book will help you:

  • Identify changes in healthcare and your organization that could lead to a turf dispute
  • Develop policies and procedures for dealing with conflict
  • Review your privileging policies and requirements to make sure they are fair to providers
  • Understand the expanding role of allied health professionals and advanced practice professionals and how this affects your medical staff

Take a look at the Table of Contents:

Section 1: Process

Chapter 1: So What Is All the Fuss About: New Environments That Lead to Disputes

  • Health reform: Continually increasing focus on quality and cost
  • Physician shortages
  • Changing privileging and credentialing rules
  • Changing economics, pay for value, and shrinking physician reimbursement

Chapter 2: Dispute Resolution: The Basics

  • Fundamental approaches to dispute resolution
  • Models of approach to the privileging issue
  • Ten steps to privileging dispute resolution
  • Work in tandem? Let the issues stay in place and coexist?
  • Being nice from the start
  • Case study

Chapter 3: Specific Privileging Issues in Hospitals

  • The issues of turf and new technology/procedures

Section 2: People

Chapter 4: Redefining the Allied Health Professional’s Role

  • The expanding role of nurse practitioners and physician assistants
  • Other AHPs and their expanding roles

Chapter 5: Changing Physician Engagement Models

  • Employed vs. nonemployed physicians
  • Hospitalist vs. PCP

Section 3: Physical Plant

Chapter 6: New Challenges of Where Care Is Delivered

  • Off-license facilities in the health system
  • Challenges of aligned/merged hospitals

Chapter 7: Important and Changing Role of Medical Staff Services

  • MSPs’ role in credentialing and privileging for hospital-owned clinics
  • MSPs’ involvement in provider insurance enrollment
  • Increased role in dispute resolution on the system level: Expanded roles in researching nontraditional practitioners

About the Authors

Jack Cox, MD, MMM, is senior vice president and chief quality officer for Hoag, a $1 billion nonprofit, regional healthcare delivery network in Orange County, Calif., that treats nearly 30,000 inpatients and 350,000 outpatients annually. Hoag consists of two acute care hospitals, seven health centers, and five urgent care centers. Cox is the author of Privileging for New Procedures & Technology (HCPro, 2012). He serves on HCPro’s editorial advisory boards for Medical Staff Briefingand Clinical Privilege White Papers.

Rosemary Dragon, CPMSM, CPCS, is medical staff coordinator at St. Anthony Hospital/OrthoColorado Hospital in Lakewood, Colo. She is a contributor to HCPro’s Credentialing Resource Center Journal.

Christine Hearst, CPMSM, is group director for MNDOG medical staff resources in Colorado. She serves as treasurer for Colorado Association of Medical Staff Services and is a former consultant with The Hardenbergh Corporation.

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Publisher :  HCPro, Inc

Published: March 2014