Service Line Marketing Playbook: Managing Stakeholders & Applying Perception Data - On-Demand

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Presented by: William Van Slyke
Presented on: July 15, 2015

Use this webcast to learn top-down strategy for promoting your organization and its subspecialties, how to secure physician buy-in, and whether you should question the conventional “consensus approach” to healthcare marketing.

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Service Line Marketing Playbook: Managing Stakeholders & Applying Perception Data - On-Demand

Presented on:  July 15, 2015 | 1:00 pm – 2:00 pm ET

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When promoting service lines, marketing leaders must first understand what differentiates them from other hospitals; then, there is the challenge of collaborating with stakeholders to craft a message that resonates with perspective patients while aligning with the brand as a whole.

Located in a rural area of eastern New York, Columbia Memorial Health has a particularly diverse target audience and high competition. By identifying the key values of their population through perception studies and other community initiatives, they were able to develop a data-centric, holistic rebranding campaign that set them apart in the market.

Join the system’s VP of Marketing and External Affairs William Van Slyke as he outlines his strategy for promoting the organization and its subspecialties, reveals how to secure physician buy-in, and questions the conventional “consensus approach” to healthcare marketing.

At the conclusion of this program, participants will:

  • Understand why brand is the tide in healthcare marketing and the importance of addressing big-picture perceptions before targeting subspecialties
  • Learn how to carve out a balanced role in marketing for clinicians, and the most effective strategies for securing their understanding in marketing initiatives
  • Find out how to develop a unique marketing strategy that speaks authentically to brand identity and your patient community


1. Defining your audience

a. Gathering data to drive rebranding efforts 
b. Striking a balance between the visceral and the intellectual (why fact-based propositions don’t work with new patients) 
c. Utilizing proven consumer marketing techniques

2. Establishing ownership of marketing decisions

a. Brand architecture

i. Collaboration between marketing and clinicians
ii. Collaboration between marketing and leadership

b. Overcoming consensus 

3. Building meaningful bonds with your brand

a. Brand loyalty – creating an emotional connection with consumers
b. Image vs. message
c. Preventing the “watering down” of your message

4. Q&A (not live)

Meet the Speaker

William Van Slyke

VP Marketing and External Affairs

Columbia Memorial Health

Who Should Attend?

Chief Marketing Officers, Vice Presidents of Marketing, Vice Presidents of: Communication, Media, PR

Note: Agenda and Speakers are Subject to Change

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