Success in the New Age of Social Media: MD Anderson’s Model - On-Demand

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Presented by: Laura Nathan-Garner
Presented on: December 10, 2015

Join Laura Nathan-Garner from MD Anderson as she outlines which social media platforms will work best for your audience, the importance of social media training for your staff, and how to develop the most successful content for your audience.

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Success in the New Age of Social Media: MD Anderson’s Model - On-Demand

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Presented on: December 10, 2015

Presented by: Laura Nathan-Garner 

Social media is an increasingly important tool for healthcare marketers. With hospitals and health systems devoting more time and resources to social media, marketers have to find new strategies to maximize their efforts. Healthcare marketers need to budget time and resources to utilize their networks, launch campaigns to grow audiences, and create compelling content. The new age of audience interaction requires that hospitals and health systems get social media right.

In this live webcast, join Laura Nathan-Garner from The University of Texas MD Anderson Cancer Center as she discusses how to choose the best platform(s) for your audience, the importance of educating your doctors and staff about social media use, and how to develop the most engaging content for your audience.

Participants of this on-demand webcast will:

  • Discover which social media platforms have proven to be most effective in the healthcare industry
  • Understand the importance of organization buy-in, social media training, and education 
  • Learn the most effective strategies to monitor and measure the success of a social media campaign
  • Hear about the benefits of creating a social media calendar and setting attainable campaign goals


   1. MD Anderson Overview
        a. Who is the team?
        b. What platforms is MD Anderson currently using?
        c. Which platform will work best for your audience?
             i. Different audiences of each platform 

   2. Importance of Education & Training for Faculty and Staff
        a. Buy-in from organization
        b. Social media education for staff and physicians, particularly regarding HIPAA and representing your organization well

   3. Metrics and Budget
        a. What tools does MD Anderson use to track campaign success?
        b. What does the budget look like for these campaigns?
        c. Measuring ROI
        d. Customer service

   4. Calendars and strategic goals
        a. How to develop and adapt content to various social media platforms
        b. Developing a social media calendar
        c. Working with patients to develop content
        d. Create a voice/tone to reach the audience

   5. Q&A (not live)