Executive Compensation: Strategies to Align With New Directions

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Learn compensation tactics to inspire the executive team to guide the organization away from volume-based incentives and toward value-based metrics.

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Nearly one-third of healthcare leaders say that their organization’s executive compensation plan needs to change to be in sync with the financial objectives of healthcare today, but they see no plan in place to make the changes. Organizations are now faced with shifting their executive compensation programs forward, and those who do not, run the risk of developing a disconnect between their incentives and the direction their organization needs to go. 

This new report, Executive Compensation: Strategies to Align with New Directions digs into this new value-based direction of the industry and analyzes how these shifts are leading to new assignments for many executives. 

With this report, you will:

  • Learn the four steps Conemaugh took to overcome the challenges faced while when adding a high-priced executive with needed skills. 
  • Learn how Northeast Georgia Health System was able to focus its executives on long-term strategic goals by streamlining their compensation system. 
  • Understand the role CEO discretion plays in making the executive compensation system work. 
  • Learn how small merit increases for executives instead of large incentive-based bonuses gave St. Luke’s Health System flexibility to address healthcare industry changes. 
  • Examine the top three challenges in executive compensation and how peer leaders are overcoming them. 

This month’s report includes: 

  • Three enlightening case studies from: Conemaugh Health System, Northeast Georgia Health System, St. Luke’s Health System 
  • The original survey results from the HealthLeaders Media Council – Industry leaders sharing their best thinking. 
  • High-level trend analysis - Our research experts add their insights to the data. 
  • Segmentation data - Allowing you deep dives into healthcare organizations like yours. 
  • Key takeaways and actionable strategies – Enhancing your organization’s game plan. 
  • Discussion questions – Easily incorporate key findings into your organizational strategy. 


You can use this report to: 

  • Track the latest trends in executive compensation 
  • Gauge your organization's performance and progress compared to peer organizations 
  • Gather insights and advice from industry experts, peer leaders, and the experiences of case study organizations 
  • Access discussion questions that can aid your organization in forming strategies for shifts in executive compensation.