Healthcare Analytics: The New Business Currency: Premium Buying Power

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2014 may be the most transformative in the history of the healthcare industry. This report provides timely insights from our Intelligence Unit and top industry executives into the evolving attitudes of healthcare leaders—and the clinical, financial, and alignment moves they’re making today to successfully negotiate the coming shift from volume to value.

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The shift from volume-based to value-based healthcare is gaining momentum, bringing an intensified focus on data analytics encompassing business, clinical, EHR, population, and partner sources. 

 In this in-depth report, gain insights into key strategies and spending plans, such as the following:

  • Where will leading providers be investing their IT/analytics dollars in the coming year?
  •  How did Cedars-Sinai Health System successfully build analytics as an enterprise solution and achieve buy-in department by department?
  • What are the biggest IT challenges healthcare providers must face as they prepare for bundled payments?
  • How did UPMC use analytics to measure the cost and outcome impact of a potential new variation to the clinical pathway for acute heart attack treatment?
  • Why aren’t analytic skills alone enough —and which management skills are needed to bridge the IT/business divide?
  • How did Swedish Medical Group reduce its report count from “thousands” to just 37, including referrals, HCAHPS measures, readmissions, meaningful use, copay collection, supply chain, operating room utilization, and scorecards for diabetic quality and patient satisfaction?

This report is part of HealthLeaders' Intelligence Report Premium Buying Power series, the premier source for original, timely data on healthcare purchasing trends and projections drawn from surveys of more than 7,000 healthcare leaders–plus independent expert analysis and real-world case studies.

What's that worth to your business? Consider these facts:

  • 90% of our 7,000 member research panel influence the purchase of your products and services
  • They average $125 million of spend influence

Turn to Intelligence Report Premium Buying Power to find out what healthcare executives are thinking and:

  • Target influencers by market size, region, setting, and organizational size
  • Size up current market trends in healthcare purchasing
  • Identify emerging sales opportunities
  • Track the latest trends and best practices in healthcare delivery
  • Access in-depth data directly related to each healthcare product and service segment
  • Gauge the purchasing behavior of different segments and regions of the healthcare market
  • Create more targeted and effective marketing, sales, and business development strategies