Patient Satisfaction and Experience
Making Hospitals Hospitable

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The rise of value-based care and consumerization are just two reasons why improving patient experience has become indispensable for hospitals.

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Patient Satisfaction and Experience: Making Hospitals Hospitable

The rise of value-based care, consumerization, increasing deductibles, and a growing number of social media platforms where dissatisfied patients can publicly vent their frustrations are all reasons why improving patient experience has become indispensable for hospitals and health systems.

But how best to implement an improved experience is a question with many different answers. Pleasing patients isn't an easy task. While most industries serve consumers eager to enjoy the product offered, most patients would rather be anywhere but the hospital. Some hospitals have taken inspiration from this, creating non-hospital-like care settings, but that's not always possible.

Improving the experience of a consumer who might be having the worst day of his or her life may be an uphill battle, but, as we explore in six original articles, an analysis, a case study, and a HealthLeaders Media webcast, it's a battle that can be won if fought strategically.

In this report, you’ll learn proven strategies for success and find out answers to key strategic questions, including:

  • The difference between patient experience and patient satisfaction.
  • Christiana Care's multipronged approach toward interpreting and understanding patient experience beyond HCAHPS scores. 
  • How HCAHPS scoring puts some hospitals at a disadvantage.
  • Boston Children's Hospital's use of social media for insights on patient experience
  • Why empathy might be the secret ingredient to improve patient experience.

Featured content includes:

    • Patient Experience: One Person at a Time
    • The Hidden Patient Experience 
    • Patient Experience's Future Lies Outside the Hospital 
    • HCAHPS Scoring Puts Some Hospitals at a Disadvantage 
    • Leveraging Twitter for Insights on Patient Experience
    • Add Empathy, Improve Patient Experience 
  • Analysis
    • Improve Patient Experience in Two Sentences
  • Case Study
    • Improving Patient and Provider Experience Through Relationship-Centered Training
    The New Patient Engagement Game Plan: Christiana Care's Training & Technology