HealthLeaders Media Insider: Population Health
Investing in a Risk-Based Future

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As population health shifts industry focus, organizations are establishing innovative ways to engage patients, keep costs low and outcomes high.

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Population Health - Investing in a Risk-Based Future

Population health represents an industry wide shift in focus. While healthcare used to be transactional and individual focused, population health emphasizes outcomes—and not just of a single patient, but of an entire population.

Some healthcare leaders have found success in establishing new ways to reach patients and inspire them to lead healthier lives, ensuring patients get the appropriate level of care, while others focus on enhancing payer cooperation. This collection of articles and resources reveals how organizations are handling the shift to population health.

In this report, you’ll learn proven strategies for success and find out answers to key strategic questions, including:

  • How one county in rural Maine helped pioneer the population health trend in the late 1960s
  • How disparities and inequalities negatively impact population health
  • Anne Arundel Medical Center's best practices to keep frequent flyers out of the hospital 
  • How Children's Hospital in Milwaukee used health plan data to identify at-risk patients and test

Featured content includes:

    • Population Health Poses Unique Challenges in Rural Areas
    • Pairing Docs with Grocery Shoppers for Population Health
    • Health Plan Data Unlocks Population Health Improvements 
    • New Job Titles Linked to Population Health
    • Population Health Strategies to Keep Frequent Flyers Out of the Hospital
    • Population Health? Slash Health Disparities First
  • Q & A
    • Bellin Health CEO George Kerwin on Lowering Healthcare Costs
    • Rural Maine County Pioneers Population Health
    • October 2015 Intelligence Report—Population Health