The New Primary Care Model: A Patient-Centered Approach to Care Coordination

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This report reveals where providers will be spending to redesign primary care and adapt to at-risk reimbursement schemes.

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Primary care redesign is key to improving outcomes and reducing costs. Experts agree on the goals—increased collaboration, a team approach, and greater patient responsibility—but how do you achieve them? This report, The New Primary Care Model: A Patient-Centered Approach to Care Coordination, explores how providers are marshalling scarce resources in the shift to a risk-sharing outcomes-based model while keeping patients at the center.

In this report, gain insights into key strategies and spending plans, such as the following:

  • Where will providers be investing to redesign primary care services?
  • How has Atlantic ACO incentivized physician engagement in primary care redesign by offering its physicians advance payments on future Medicare Shared Savings Program awards?
  • What do healthcare leaders deem the greatest barriers to primary care redesign—and how will they address them?
  • How has the use of embedded case managers coordinating care at Taconic IPA reduced 30-day readmissions?
  • Primary care transformation requires concurrent work on many fronts—which aspects of primary care delivery should be addressed first, and why?
  • How did Oregon Health & Science University lower hospitalization rates and improve clinic throughput by colocating primary care and behavioral health providers?
  • Which physician compensation measures are preferred overwhelmingly in primary care redesign efforts?
  • Which patient engagement tactics are best—today and in the future—at supporting primary care redesign?
  • How and when are providers reaching beyond their known partners to coordinate care for primary care redesign?

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