Reforming Executive Compensation to Accelerate Change

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This report outlines how organizations can best incentivize leaders to guide their organizations in new directions to meet evolving demands.

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Despite tumultuous changes in the industry, executive compensation in healthcare has remained fairly stable; but there is an increasing need for pay structures to evolve to meet changing policies and priorities.  This report shows how fondness for the status quo in executive compensation, especially when it comes to incentives, can lead to unfortunate mismatches between how executives understand their goals and how organizations need to move forward with reform-related activities.

Find out how organizations are realigning executive compensation, and get answers to key strategic questions, such as:

  • How is CMC Healthcare System juggling short-term losses for long-term gains in linking incentives to the building of a new imaging center?
  • Which key clinical performance parameters will matter more over the next three years?
  • Why has Enloe Medical Center cut out all individual performance goals from executive compensation in favor of team goals, and what is the main thing it had to get right to make them work?
  • What special role must CEOs play in guiding both boards and executive teams to establish and accept compensation structures appropriate for new industry priorities?
  • How did Northern Westchester Hospital turn charity care and bad debt into a meaningful bonus compensation incentive for its executives to improve clinical access?
  • How to integrate a mix of team and individual goals, and how executives can take accountability for both?
  • How are a proactive minority of leading organizations already modifying executive compensation structures to accommodate value-based purchasing?
  • How are the two main ways executive performance metrics are changing?


This report, part of HealthLeaders' Intelligence Report Premium series, offers the latest executive compensation strategies from industry peers, including survey results drawn from the HealthLeaders Media Council, an exclusive group of 7,500 healthcare leaders. A new segmentation tool allows you to access more specific, in-depth data by setting, number of beds and sites, net patient revenue, and region.       

This month’s report includes:

  • Case studies from CMC Healthcare System, Enloe Medical Center, and Northern Westchester Hospital
  • Analysis and key takeaways from advisors drawn from our HealthLeaders Media Council
  • Recommendations from the HealthLeaders Media research team
  • A meeting guide to share with your organization

You can use this report to:              

  • Track the latest trends in executive compensation
  • Gauge your organization's performance and progress compared to peer organizations
  • Gather insights and advice from industry experts, peer leaders, and the experiences of case study organizations
  • Access discussion questions that can aid your organization in forming strategies for executive compensation

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