Strategic Cost Control: True Cost, Process Redesign, and IT Integration

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This Buying Power edition report reveals how providers who know the true cost of care are moving to contain costs, increasingly through process redesign and clinical/financial data integration.

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Strategic Cost Control:  True Cost, Process Redesign, and IT Integration

This report,  Strategic Cost Control:  True Cost, Process Redesign, and IT Integration reveals how the strategies healthcare organizations are employing to contain costs and better manage revenue cycle are changing in subtle but important ways.  Driven by the impending transition to value-based care and the adoption of risk-based models, they are evolving beyond traditional purchasing and supply-chain efficiencies into process redesign and new IT initiatives.

Gain insights into key strategies and spending plans, such as the following:

  • Find out how a small-scale physician-led effort enabled University of Utah Health Careto reduce hospitalist laboratory utilization by 15% and save $550,000 in the first year
    • Gain valuable insight into where and why top providers are investing their IT dollars to drive cost containment and revenue cycle improvements
    • Discover how Denver Health used a post-acute care services partner to help achieve $3.5 million in freed-up capacity
    • Learn more about the correlations among true cost, margin, and cost reduction ability
    • Uncover how NCH Healthcare reduced its sepsis mortality rate from 34% to 8% through process improvements based on communication, teamwork, and changing the organizational culture
    • Find out which areas will have the biggest positive economic impact on cost control efforts


This report is part of HealthLeaders' Intelligence Report Premium Buying Power series, the premier source for original, timely data on healthcare purchasing trends and projections drawn from surveys of more than 8,000 healthcare leaders—plus independent expert analysis and real-world case studies.

This month’s report includes:

  • Case studies from Denver Health, NCH Healthcare, and University of Utah Healthcare
  • Analysis and key takeaways from advisors drawn from our HealthLeaders Media Council
  • Recommendations from the HealthLeaders Media research team
  • A meeting guide to help inform strategic discussions with your clients


What's that worth to your business? Consider these facts:

  • 90% of our 8,000-member research panel influence the purchase of your products and services
  • They average $125 million of spend influence


Turn to Intelligence Report Premium Buying Power to find out what healthcare executives are thinking and:

  • Target influencers by market size, organizational size, region, and setting
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