IT and the Analytics Advantage: Managing Data to Master Risk

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This Buying Power report reveals why extending into complex data sets and higher-order analytics is a strategic imperative—and how providers can pick a path to make it work.

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Analytics – of clinical, financial, and population health data – are guiding healthcare providers as they take on risk and adhere to new rules. But that’s a challenge in today’s siloed data environment.  This report reveals how providers are extracting a higher level of analysis out of their current resources while making the right investments to support their organizations in the future.

Gain insights into key strategies and spending plans, such as the following:

  • Which performance factors give analytics-savvy organizations a competitive advantage?
  • How is Rex Healthcare training physicians to document comorbidities more consistently to reduce inappropriate readmission penalties?
  • Where you will need to add or enhance skills in order to pursue analytics—and how best to do it?
  • How did Albany Medical Center use big data analytics on a wide range of factors to identify care variations, process breakdowns, and other problems—and accurately predict the impact of improvements?
  • What are the six fundamental resources you need to inventory as you select your path to analytics maturity?
  • How is Orlando Health using a middleware “exchange platform” to harmonize practice management and EHR data from five internal systems with aligned-provider data from 125 physician practices?
  • What is the importance of progressing toward predictive analytics on multiple sets of data while maintaining current reporting systems?

You will also receive:

  • Three case study examples from Rex Healthcare, Albany Medical Center, and Orlando Health
  • Recommendations and actionable strategies from the HealthLeaders Media research team
  • Analysis and key takeaways from advisors drawn from our HealthLeaders Media Council
  • A meeting guide to drive IT & analytics progress within your organization

Featured content includes:

  • Foreword: The Appetite to Take on Risk and the Components to Enable Success
  • Analysis: Analytics: Accept the Challenge and Make Data Work for You
  • Case Study: Analyzing ED Admissions Through Big Data, Albany Medical Center
  • Case Study: A Middleware Answer to EHR Interoperability, Orlando Health
  • Case Study: Physician Compliance Key to Data and Coding Accuracy, Rex Healthcare
  • Charts
    • Types of Finance Data Drawn On for Analytics Activity Now
    • Types of Finance Data to Draw On for Analytics Activity Within Three Years
    • Types of Patient Data Drawn On for Analytics Now
    • Types of Patient Data to Draw On for Analytics Within Three Years
    • Current Applications for Working With Large/Complex Data Sets
    • Time Frame for Beginning to Draw On Large/Complex Data Sets to Reveal Trend
    • Percentage of Organization’s Patient Population Exposed to Downside Risk
    • Presence of Downside Risk Contracts Prompting Need for Analytics Software
    • Use of Clinical Analytics Now
    • Use of Clinical Analytics Within Three Years
    • Use of Financial Analytics Now
    • Use of Financial Analytics Within Three Years
    • Investment in Analytics Areas Over Next Year
    • Top Data Analytics Challenges Over Next Three Years
    • Top Tactical Analytics Challenges Over Next Three Years

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