The Clinical Strategy for Financial Health: Care Redesign & Standardization

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This report reveals how providers are reaping big gains from care standardization and care redesign in the battle to control costs.

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To ensure their financial health, healthcare organizations need to do more than nibble away at expenses and incrementally improve revenue. This report, The Clinical Strategy for Financial Health:  Care Redesign & Standardization, reveals how leading organizations are investing to implement programs aimed at care redesign, care standardization, and driving waste out of healthcare delivery.  Physician leadership, continuous improvement techniques, a well-tuned EHR, and a capable analytics team are key.

With this in-depth report, gain insights into key strategies and spending plans, such as the following:

  • How is Kaleida Health building a new revenue cycle design around centralized services, improved coordination of pre-arrival activities, and financial care coordination?
  • What are the most successful, new ways to enlist physician leadership in cost containment initiatives?
  • How did UC Davis Medical Center increase ICU capacity and boost Medicare yield by reducing the average length of stay in the ICU, while maintaining high quality of care and low readmission rates?
  • What role does the EHR play in redesigning care and driving down costs?
  • How did Firelands Regional Medical Center’s Employee Success Sharing Plan incentivize and reward employees for achieving quality, patient satisfaction, and financial performance goals?
  • Which clinical activities are expected to provide the highest cost savings this year?

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